Is Meditation required in Shamanism?

by Maggie Wahls

What a great question! As we know the Eastern religions suggest years of meditation to reach one's own intrinsic power. But what is the purpose of meditation for them? It is a way to center oneself. It is a way to put aside all the nonessential chatter going on in our minds every minute of our waking day. It is a way to detach from here and now and to find the eternal, the universal. It is a way to find your higher self, the person sittingin the control booth, loooking down and watching over, that is also you. It is a way to connect to the Divine Consciousness, the Universal Oneness, whatever you would care to call this, and discover your Oneness.When you are in touch with this oneness, this is when you best feel the power, your power, your ability to love and share and heal.

In Shamanism we try to be hunters, warriors. And what is the hunter doing while stalking his prey? Is he listening to the chatter in his mind? He is still and silent. He is completely aware, completely present in the here and now. He is attuned with nature both visible and invisible. He is in touch with the Universal Oneness through his impeccable training and intention to be fully aware, detached.

A hunter knows that as he hunts, so he is hunted. There are many things in the wild that would like to eat him. he must be on guard and be watching everywhere for danger. A hunter knows in fact, that at any minute a lion or bear could leap out of no where and devour him. Isn't life this way as well? Are we not all in some peril of car accidents or fire or other dangers inherent in living? So the hunter lives his life in that knwoledge and realizes that this might be his last day, his last hour. He lives it fully, in ful awareness of the present moment, the now and relishes it to the utmost. He takes excitment from each moment of the hunt and he hunts as though it is his last hunt, with all the attention, fervor and excellence of skill he has. We should live our lives in the same way. Our lives would be rich and exciting and we would laugh with glee over the smallest treasures. It is called living impeccably.

So a Shaman does spend time in meditation although he or she may not cross the legs and sit on the floor. A good Shaman sits in meditative stance in the hunting blind, waiting, listening, watching for the prey to arrive. It is a matter of survival for him to be able to sit in meditative awareness with arrow knocked and bow string taut. It is a good way to live. It is in fact delightful! It is owning your own power. It is being in control of yourself.

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