"Let the Forces of Light bring illumination to mankind,

Let the Spirit of Peace be spread abroad,

May men of goodwill everywhere meet in a spirit of cooperation.

 May forgiveness on the part of all men be the keynote of this time.

Let power attend the efforts of the Great Ones.

 So let it be and help us to do our part." -Alice Bailey

There are many courses and teachers of Ascension. One thing is agreed on, there is no cut and dry version of Ascension.

You have been searching all your life for that one thing that will lead you to peace. This Ascension course will give you the tools to simply and easily change what is wrong in your life, remove the barriers of fear, accept the Almighty Source of Love into your life, with praise and gratitude.

You can experience joy, inner peace and fulfillment now.

In this course you will begin to align all the pieces and parts of your Self. And in this alignment you will experience greater clarity, joy, insightfulness and see the bigger picture of life with Spirit. The possibilities are endless, the tools are given here. The work is yours to do and it is a joyful work, exhilarating, uplifting, rejuvenating.

Ascension - "transcension with a sense of 'upward' movement; the goal is Wholeness."

Enlightenment - "the act of Enlightening or the state of being Enlightened; to Enlighten means to free from fears and limits, to shed Light upon."

Ascension is not given to you by some outer person or form. It is yours already. It is about becoming enlightened to the real you, to yourself.

The lightbody is your own awareness, your own Self without fear and completely in Being.

We can think of you as a star. Your star has a center and a myriad of points extending out in all directions beyond infinity. Each point is a facet of yourself and when realized and utilized it provides the connection between you and the Oneness of All. Time is relative and does not affect the light of your star which is everywhere and everything in this very moment.

By learning Ascension through this course you will become more and more this Light, sometimes referred to as increasing your light body, but it is your work to do. I can only show the way.

As you learn and ascend you will find freedom from fears that have plagued you all your life. Your love will grow and expand to include the entire universe and everything in it. You will form a new understanding of what life is for and what your relationship is to all around you.

You will have the opportunity now to observe yourself once again from a new perspective of love and joy. You can recreate yourself within this new framework, you can readjust your misplaced thoughts to see the Light in everything you think and do. And you will learn that it is your life, and gladly accept responsibility for it when you see the blessings that your life holds for you!

There is no judgement here. Each of us experiences this world in different ways. We each create our own version of reality. When you realize that another person's version of reality is no better or worse than another, then you can begin to see the infinite ways to look at anything and accept that other person for what he sees. This releases you from being judged under his or her standards and realeases them from any judgment by you. FREEDOM!

No one then, can really harm you. Their perceptions are their own. Relax, harmonize, work on your own thoughts and feelings, accept the Truth that you are one with ALL.

So Ascension is about ascending out of the dark fears and misconceptions given to you by others and finding you are connected completely with the One Source.

Here is an outline of the classes in this course:

1. Removal of Fear

2. God Consciousness

3. Owning Your Power

4. Integration

5. Ascension

6. The Higher Self

7. What Are You Really Thinking?

8. Keys to Achieving Ascension


The class materials are delivered to you weekly by email. Each of these classes is presented with meditations and affirmations and an optional CD version of the class can be obtained which will provide the meditations and affirmations vocally for you. These CDs can be listened to anytime you are relaxed and want to study and practice. They are invaluable for anyone who is drawn to Ascension.

Cost: $135.00 without Cds

         $195.00 with Cds.

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