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Aho Shaman Elder Maggie! My name is Marlene  and Laura Hyde gave me your name and recommended that I contact you.  I have been interested in shamanism for some time, have read books, etc.  I know that you offer an online course but was wondering if you do any in person?  I live in Pismo Beach.  Recent events have prompted me to take a closer look at my path and I am uncertain how to proceed.

Thank you for any advise/assistance you may be able to provide.

Aho Marlene!
Thanks so much for writing! I hope you have taken time to visit my website at I think I explain my purpose and the way my course works fairly well there. I also have many articles that you may find interesting there.

You know, when I was called to teach Shamanism I had no idea where to start. I was not in a place where I coudl invite a student to come and live with me for 6 months or a year as I had done with the Shamans of the Yaquis or the gypsies of southern Russia. Not many students have the time or money to travel the world as I did studying first hand from the Shamans.

So how could I make the teachings available to the most people for the least money? People don't have time for anything today, much less time to practice and study Shamanism. Yet that is truly what it takes. I was "given" 12 lessons with experiences and exercises that I could offer online. If the student does the work throughout the week and keeps a journal daily, remarkable things begin to happen. The first thing everyone finds is that their own guide or elder will appear and be available for teaching. Actually by making the choice to take this course, you are giving permission to your guides and elders to come to you. After all, they wrote the course; I am not that clever.

As you study the course, the first thing you learn is balancing your bodies. By balancing your physical, mental and emotional body you create a harmony where you can hear your guides more clearly, where you can get assistance and operate from that assistance. You will have dreams that may have meanings to write in your journal. Experiences will start to be seen from a new perspective. As you study medicine wheels and begin using them to send up your prayers and intentions they will have a new feel to them and with the right intention which we discuss in length you will be manifesting your intentions more quickly.

Then we study the aspects of soul retrieval, soul extraction and healing all the while working on ourselves and reaching that place where we are ready to do the work. Intention and emotion are fully explored and their interrelatedness. In the last three lessons we use visualization to show you a place that you have already created for yourself which contains tools you have gathered through many lifetimes, Akashic records are there, tomes and staffs and power symbols and more are there for you to re-member and to use again freely. And we prepare you to journey from this place into the Inner Worlds.

Even if you never intended to be a Shaman, this course will bring you much insight and many tools in how to live a more authentic and happier life. And if you are called to Shamanism this course will definitely reconnect you to your own tools, your guides and elders to do the work you came here to do. I would say that half of the students are truly called to Shamanism. And that is why I offer this course.

The path of Shamanism was one I chose lifetimes ago. And when it is chosen, it is chosen forever. It carries with us from lifetime to lifetime. In the olden days when you came back into a life within a Shamanic tribe, it was easy to re-member. You had a Shaman right there living with you. He recognized your gifts early in your childhood and began teaching you right away. But today we live without Shamans. There is no one to recognize the light of Shaman in our eyes. In fact our parents, teachers and society tell us to forget it, to hide it, to bury it, that it is bad and we are crazy! So how difficult is it for you and me to come to this age, this society and try to re-member our path as Shamans? It is nearly impossible! And that is why I am here. anyone who is searching for a Shaman to teach them, can find me here. I can, through this course, teach you all that your tribal Shaman would teach you and I can tell if you have the light of the Shaman in your eyes. But by the time you finish this course, you will know if you have the light of a Shaman in your eyes.

I also do not intend to lead you down my path of Shamanism. I purposefully made this course universal. I wish to light the way for you to walk your OWN path of Shamanism. Many students lean to Celtic or Native Shamanism and that comes from their previous life experiences. You have your own path to walk. I will help you find that path and walk beside you. There is no right way or wrong way to be a Shaman. There is only one way and that is to be a healer. A shaman is a healer, period. It is not about power or glory or fame or money. It is about the desire to help heal yourself and others without ulterior motives. There are no drugs in this course, no evil, no greed, no ambition, at least on my part. I can show you the ways the Shaman heals. You can practice and learn to do them yourself as you once knew them. Through constant emails and IMs together we will become good friends and share this experience fully. It truly is a running dialgoue between us and I require it that way. If I could take you into my house for 6 months it would be no less but it would cost $10,000. You see the prices other people are charging out there. If I charged that much, all the people searching for re-membering would be lost. They could not afford it and would never find their path. I cannot do that. I know that we need Shamanism in this world right now today. Shamanism can heal things that are going unhealed in todays' society.

So my mission is to allow all those with a Shamanic background either though ancestry or past life experience to find someone who can help them re-member their own gifts and talents to heal themselves and others through shamanic means. And for those without Shamanic background who choose not to take this path, there is much healing and new insights that lead to a much fuller and more complete life. I cannot offer this and also offer teaching in person one on one. But don't think that this course might give you less than an in person course. It will give you everything you put into it. We have a forum for students only where you will meet many others who are called to Shamanism and you can share your experiences and get feedback from them. We also have a live chat using Yahoo Instant Messenger on Wednesday nights that is optional but many students say they would not miss it for the world and we talk about whatever aspect of Shamanism comes up on that night, purely off the cuff teaching on my part. Last night we discussed impeccability and pets as totems.

For the price I might suggest that you try the course as it is. At the worst you will learn a thousand things and practice your own skills and abilities. At the best you will find yourself again practicing your mission and walking your path fully! To sign up for the course just visit and click on the paypal button there. Paypal accepts checks and all major credit cards. If the cost of the course is too much for you, I would be happy to divide the cost of the course into two payments for you. Let me know if this is needed.

Give Laura my very best! She is a great teacher! I am currently in Florida as my daughter lives here and needed my help for the next six months. I am glad to be near her and to be of service to her. I have taken an office here to work from and my course is my one and only full time job. I will never be rich with money but I am blessed beyond belief spiritually!

Aho! (means+ I speak my truth)
Shaman Elder Maggie 

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