Learn Usui Reiki Levels 1 and 2 through email lessons delivered weekly for 20 weeks for $35.00. This course has been offered by other teachers for more than $500!
Your teacher is Maggie Wahls, RMT . She has been practicing Usui Reiki for 10 years and teaching for 8. She has taught hundreds of people the wonderful gift of healing that is Reiki.

The lessons include:

  1. Introduction: What Is Reiki?                                         
  2. Attunements and the History of Reiki
  3. Reiki Level One Attunement
  4. Hand positions For Treating Self and Others
  5. Reiki Ethics
  6. Intention To Heal
  7. Reiki and Chakras
  8. Elements of a Healing Session
  9. A Brief Reiki Session
  10. Level 2 Attunement
  11. The First symbol and How to Use it
  12. The Second Symbol and How to Use it
  13. The Third Symbol and How To Use It
  14. Energy Scanning
  15. Other Uses For Reiki Including Animals
  16. Increasing Reiki
  17. Releasing Negative Patterns
  18. Establishing a Reiki Practice
  19. Becoming a Teacher
  20. Benediction

What is Reiki?

Reiki (pronounced Ray-kee) is Japanese for Universal Life Force. Rei means Universal or all-knowing and all-encompassing.

Ki means life-force energy and is the same as Chi in Chinese or Prana in Sanskrit.

Reiki is complimentary or alternative therapy that has been used to treat almost any dis-ease that you can think of. The most common of these, being stress related dis-orders, make up 75% of America’s visits to the hospital.

Reiki is totally non-invasive and the recipient is fully clothed during the healing.

Reiki can be done anywhere and at any time.

Anyone can learn and practice Reiki successfully!

Reiki is the Infinite Energy in and around us all.

Reiki is spiritual in nature and Shaman Elder Maggie Wahls is a Certified Universal Life Minister since 1975.

Reiki is not judgmental or selfish in any way. Reiki cannot be controlled, directed, or regulated and trying to do so will lessen its effectiveness.

As a Reiki Practitioner you are a channel to this energy. The more open you are to the limitless energy of Reiki, the better and more lasting your results will be.

Becoming Attuned is a way of "opening yourself up" or "tuning yourself in" to receive this wonderful gift. Once attuned, all the Reiki practitioner has to do is have the intention to heal and the energy beings to flow. This power will never leave you.

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To begin the 20 Lesson Course Now proceed to Lesson One below.

Usui Reiki Levels One and Two
Lesson One

“You don’t have to believe in Reiki.
For it to have a deep effect on you.
You don’t have to believe that fruit is delicious
In order to enjoy it.
But you have to take a bite first.”   Author Unknown

Reiki is more than a healing method. Reiki is a way of life. The principles and precepts give us guidelines that seem easy enough to follow. Do not worry, do your work honestly, do not anger, honor your parents, teachers and elders, and show gratitude to everything.  Living these guidelines and practicing Reiki daily will allow us to live Reiki, be Reiki and become a Master Reiki Practitioner.

Welcome to the Usui Reiki Level One and Level Two course. I am your instructor and I am a Reiki Master Teacher first attuned to Reiki in 1994. Reiki has been my way of life since then and I have evolved into a totally new person with deeper insight, a stronger connection to the One Light, and increased extrasensory skills. 

You will find that instructors charge their students anywhere from $20.00 to $12,000 to receive the information you will receive here. I chose to offer this course as an online course so that you will have two personal attunements, receive two certificates and by saving these email lessons you will have two course manuals covering everything you ever wanted to know about Reiki. So many teachers just say, “Boom! You are attuned. Give me my $50 and see you around.” I wish to be with you over the next 20 weeks to answer your questions and to guide you and teach you everything you might need to know to be a great healer. It is important to me that you receive the best education possible. I could charge $12,000. for this course, but I would rather teach you Usui Reiki in its purest form.

What Is Reiki Healing?
Reiki is a connection with the ever-flowing light energy of the universe. Reiki is the greatest teacher for those who are willing to listen and learn. As you practice Reiki, much more will be gained through your life experiences.

Reiki is pronounced “Ray – Key”. Rei is the Japanese word which means “universal” and is referring to a higher dimension of light and soul. Ki is the Japanese word which means the vital life force energy which interpenetrates and connects everything in this unvierse. Ki has also been called Chi by the chinese, Light or Holy spirit by Christians, Prana by Hindus, Mana by Hawaiian Kahunas, Kether by Jewish Cabbalists, Wakan or Wakouda by the Sioux, Orgon by Dr. Wilhelm Reich, Biocosmic Energy by L.E. Eeman.

Is it easy for me to learn?
The Usui system of Reiki is one of the easiest natural healing systems known today. It is also the most effective way to transfer universal life energy. One you have been attuned to Reiki 1 in Lesson3 you will be opened up like a channel and Reiki will flow through your hands of its own accord. You will always have this energy for healing yourself and others.

How Does Reiki work?
Reiki is holistic in its effect. It reaches all levels of life and brings all these levels to their natural balance. Reiki energy is not your personal energy. It is a universal energy that exists everywhere, all the time which will leave you strengthened and balanced. Reiki knows where to go within one’s energy field to heal, to balance and to strengthen. You do not need to diagnose or add your own energy. The Reiki flows through you to that person, place or thing you wish to bring into balance.

Where does this Reiki energy come from?
The Reiki art of healing is an ability that has always been inside you, folded away and waiting to be developed. The Reiki Master Teacher Maggie Wahls has mastered a process for activating this energy within you. The teacher is not using personal energy in this activating process but is tapping universal life energy on another level. The energy transfer called an attunement will enable you to channel and direct the life force energy known as Reiki in a precise way. You will receive an attunement to Reiki 1 in the third lesson and to Reiki 2 in the tenth lesson.

Does Reiki use my own energy?
Once the attunement is done the Reiki energy begins to flow. You are the channel through which universal life energy flows unimpeded. The more you use it, the more abundantly it flows. The supply cannot run out as the source is unlimited. You cannot drain yourself of energy because you are not using your energy, you are the channel through which the energy is flowing. Reiki is the force behind the Yin and the Yang. It is a whole and complete energy. This unique and powerful attribute is what enables the Usui Reiki System to be used at any time, in any place and for any condition.

Exercise to try :

Finding the Chi.
Sit restfully, breathing effortlessly and close your eyes. Visualize seeing yourself sitting there. See where your hands are. Look about the room.  Feel your connection to this room and this body.
1. Now move this imaginary body out above your house. Look at your house and the other houses from above. Look down on the road. Feel your connection to your home.
2. Now move your imaginary body over your entire town. Look donw and observe the comings and goings of your town. Feel if you can sense your connection to this place.
3. Move up above the clouds to a place where you can see the whole country as if you were a satellite travelling around the world. What does the country look like from there? Feel your connection to it.
4. Now move through space to outside our solar system, outside the Milky Way. See the planets and sun and moons and stars. Feel you reconnection to them.
5. Now move outside the Universe where there is only the Source. Feel your connection to the Source. Feel the oneness of us all.

What you are feeling is the life force energy or Chi, Prana, Holy Spirit, Mana.Ka or what name you use for this energy.

When you are ready follow your path back through the universe to your solar system, to your planet, to your country, to your town, to your house, to your room, to your body. Open your eyes and shake your hands and feet a little to ground yourself again.

Doesn’t this make your problems seem smaller than they were before? Can you feel your connection to Chi?

Closing Thoughts:
Pay attention to your own energies this week. Get yourself as balanced as you can allow so you are ready to receive this remarkable healing gift.
In the next lesson we will look at how Reiki was discovered and how it came to be the largest alternative healing method in the world. Then in Lesson three we will attune you to Reiki One.

Suggested References:

An Interview with Dr. Mikao Usui himself!

International Society of Reiki Practitioners

“Reiki Universal Life Energy” A book by Bodo J Baginski and Shalila Sharamon
Reiki – Healing Yourself Set of 2 Cassette Tapes by Marsha Burack RMT

Next Time
Lesson 2: Reiki Through History

Namaste! (which means “I honor the holy Spirit within you”}
Maggie  Wahls RMT

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About your instructor: Maggie Wahls lives in Boca Raton Florida. She has been practicing Reiki for 10 years and teaching for 8 years. She is fifth in lineage from Dr. Mikao Usui so she is very close to the source. Her email address is magnoliaz101@yahoo.com. She offers Free Reiki healing to anyone who requests it and also offers a FREE Consultation by email.

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