Hawaiian Shamanism,                                                              

                   Huna, Kapuna,

                                         ancient knowledge from the Hawaiian Islands.

Traditional Shaman Maggie Wahls spent four years searching for the original ancient knowledge that was known before the arrival of Christian missionaries. The original skills and abilities are now available to all in this 8 week ongoing, online course.

(There is no EFT, NLP, hypnosis psychological manipulation or drug use in this course. They were not part of the original Hawaiian teachings.Only orignal ancient Hawaiian teachings are offered in this course.)


"Welcome to a modern look at an ancient tradition possibly dating back to the lost civilization of fabled Lemuria said to be situated in the Hawaiian Islands. Much of the old traditions have been lost through time and through the Christianization of the Hawaiian Islands in the 1700's. "

"I have studied with many old Kahunas and Kupunas, interviewed countless healers and explored the ways of the Hawaiian people for four years to piece together the bits of old knowledge I could find and verify as being the true traditional ways of Shamanism in Hawaii. "

"I come from a 400 year old lineage of Russian Shamans and have been practicing Shamanism over 50 years. My quest was to find what Shamanism across the cultures and throughout time have shared as basic truths in common. But I found so much more in Hawaii! " -Shaman Elder Maggie Wahls

There is a spirit that pervades the islands,

one of peace and childlike happiness when you visit Hawaii

 that is like no other place on earth.

The connection you feel to the wind and the sun and Madame Pele the great goddess volcano who creates and destroys the islands constantly creates the Spirit of Aloha.


 It is not about deserving anything. It is our birthright as human beings to contain the pure essence of true love.

And as we surf towards shore                                                                             and see the palms waving in the wind                                                                and the dolphins surfing beside us                                                                       and recognize ourselves in the middle of all this beauty                                     called Hawaii                                                                                                             we see true love in ourselves and in everything created.

You don't have to live in Hawaii to feel the exhilaration of surfing with Madam Pele. This feeling, this truth, this love, this awareness, this power is in our hearts no matter where we live. In this course we will get in touch with Aloha and learn its blessing in our own personal lives.

 Course Lessons

Lesson 1: The Meaning of Aloha, Chanting For Enlightenment

Lesson 2: The 7 principles, The 3 Minds of Mankind, Let the Mana Flow exercise

Lesson3: Protection from Negativity, The Meaning of Hawaii,                          The Ha Breath exercise

Lesson 4: the Mother Uli,the Hakilau Active Meditation

Lesson 5: Creating with Mother Earth, Recalling the Dreamtime Chant exercise

Lesson 6: The Sitting Meditation of the Kahuna, Ho'oponopono, The Ritual for Manifestation.

Lesson 7: Kahuna Mastery, Living in the Wave

When you begin this course you will be given your surfboard. As long as you have this surfboard you can ride the waves of the ocean of life no matter what they offer you. You can choose which waves to ride and pick those that contain your abundance and happiness. The waves will lead you to these things without effort but rather as an adventure with joy!

You never have to tread water again!

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The Meaning of ALOHA

A = AO

 As a way of living in harmony with yourself and the whole world. Grab your surfboard and take a ride now.

A = AO Light - i, the light of the sun shining down on the islands and on you. In ancient terms the A in Aloha are about awareness: awareness of our place in nature, our loving relationships with our fellow brothers and sisters, our interconnectedness in this web of life. When you have the spirit of Aloha you are like a child in the playgound of love, fully in the moment, fully present to all the goodness and blessings, beauty and joy around you. Paddle out in the beautiful sunlight and get ready for a great wave to come up behind you. Be watching for it as you get a tan with your fellow surfers. You have to be aware!

L = LOKAHI  Oneness. Being in the wave, riding it along with everything else in the wave. The unity of everything and your part in this unity. You can feel this unity on the islands so very strongly. It requires and openess and honesty that children are so famous for. Speaking your truth and respecting the truth of all brings this unity to the forefront. You are moving in this wave and letting it propel you towards the shore lined with palm trees. You can ride freely when you are one with this wave.

O = OIAIO I'O = Truth. Feeling the energy of the wave as strong and true. Recognizing this energy of nature's truth we can learn from it and how to use it in our own lives. There is an honesty that pervades the islands. You can't live there long without facing your own deceptions and dealing with them. This is the spirit of aloha, being truthful with yourself. Do you think you have no power? Do you believe that you can't change your life for the better? Come into this wave of nature, into the territory of Madame Pele and feel truth all around you. It is bound to show you what you can really do if you choose. You ride in your truth and you are better at it than you thought!

H = HA'A HA'A = Humility. And as we ride this great Hawaiian wave of power how can we not feel humble in the immense force pushing our sufrboards towards the shore! We are just little things in this incredible wave of life, love and abundance! 

A = ALOHA Absolute, true love. That beautiful touch of Divine essence permanently installed in each one us.

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