Message from Serapis Bey
Re: Opening the Heart
July 31, 2003


Question: What is important for us to know at this time?

Serapis Bey: Love. Concentrate on love. Now is the time to open your heart centers and concentrate on the qualities of love, pure love, unconditional love. Love is the power, the force of the Universe that will allow changes to progress more quickly on your planet at this time. It is time to open your heart centers, dear ones. You have been living too long in the lower centers, concerned wit survival, and acquisitions, money and pleasures. It is now times to focus on those higher energies that will allow not only yourselves, but your planet to ascend to the next level.

The heart center is the gateway to all of this. It is the connection between your lower centers and your higher centers. It allows you to process the information from your higher guides and teachers. It allows you to reach heaven on your own. Through the heart center you will make contact with all of Us. It is opening of the heart center that is the most important. Without first doing this, all of your efforts will be in vain. You can only go so far. Some think that the crown chakra, the higher centers are the most important for evolution of your species at this time. True, it is important to develop these centers and their qualities, but without the functioning of the Heart center, it will have little importance.

Be open and loving to all those whom you meet. See God in each other. Raise your vibrations, open your heart to that unconditional love that the Masters before you have shown-Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, etc. This is the pure love of the Spirit, not emotional or attached love. This is the love that allows you to see God in everyone and everything, for that is the Supreme Truth.

Take time during your day to love yourself, love your heart center, will it to open and accept the Love that pervades this entire universe. Merely by concentrating on the heart center you are given the opportunity to make it expand. Practice loving thoughts to all of your neighbors, friends, relatives, everyone. You must see that no matter what “prison” a person seems to be in, that within them resides the same force, the same principle, and that is God, the Divine. You must learn to see past the reflections in the mirror, the world as your eyes and ideas have created it. Look past the external influences and look inside everyone and everything to find that God-seed inside.

Then, you will progress. Then you will open fully and blossom like a flower. Then you will start to know and own your Divinity.

With love,
Serapis Bey

The Ascension - the Soul's Acceleration into Higher Consciousness on the Path of Initiation

This article is an excerpt from the book Dossier on the Ascension
by the Ascended Master Serapis Bey
recorded by Mark L. Prophet.
Copyright © 1967, 1997 The Summit Lighthouse®. All rights reserved.

     "It is true, although the form of an individual may show signs of age prior to his ascension, that all of these signs will change and that the physical appearance of the individual will be transformed into the glorified body. The individual ascends, then, not in an earthly body but in a glorified spiritual body into which the physical form is changed on the instant by total immersion in the great God flame."  


      When the honor flame of God is employed men's goals become God oriented, and thus there can be no possibility of deviation or shadow of turning in the human monad who is motivated by an absolute determination toward Godliness. The world is filled with human beings and human creation, but it is to the Divine that men must turn for their freedom. The caduceus action will work twice as effectively in those lifestreams in whom the expression of honor, justice, and mercy go hand in hand with spiritual exercise.

      One of the strange little bits of information which I sometimes hesitate to pass on to students because it deals with a process that is almost mechanical is the conveyance of God's energy down to the base of the spinal column and the reversal of that energy back to the heart of the Presence. This process, which has sometimes been used haphazardly by those who are inept in the practice of that which is called Kriya yoga, will operate perfectly automatically in those individuals whose devotion to God is great enough.

      In the past, many of the saints who levitated into the atmosphere did so by reason of the intensity of their magnetization of the energy of the God flame above. The floating into the air of these saints was an attest to their devout and intimate relationship with the God Presence. Thus the winged God Self will raise man back to His own heart, and that which descended will also ascend. The alchemical marriage (the union of the lower self with the Higher Self) will take place when the lower self has shown good faith and the willingness to fulfill all obligations set forth in the Covenant of Divine Reunion.

      Some may say that in the case of an ascension the flesh form will rise, leaving a pile of white ash upon the ground beneath the feet of the aspirant. This is true in some cases where the alchemy of the ascension is performed a bit prematurely and for cosmic reasons. In this instance the white ash is the untransmuted residue of the lifestream. In other cases this residue is absent from the spot where the individual ascended, having been transmuted by an intense caduceus action.

     It is true, although the form of an individual may show signs of age prior to his ascension, that all of these signs will change and that the physical appearance of the individual will be transformed into the glorified body. The individual ascends, then, not in an earthly body but in a glorified spiritual body into which the physical form is changed on the instant by total immersion in the great God flame man's consciousness of the physical body ceases and he achieves a state of weightlessness. This resurrection takes place as the great God flame envelops the shell of human creation that remains and transmutes, in a pattern of cosmic grids, all of the cell patterns of the individual - the bony structure, the blood vessels and all bodily processes which go through a great metamorphosis.  The blood in the veins changes to liquid golden light; the throat chakra glows with an intense blue-white light; the spiritual eye in the center of the forehead becomes an elongated God flame rising upward; the garments of the individual are completely consumed -- and he takes on the appearance of being clothed in a white robe -- the seamless garment of the Christ. Sometimes the long hair of the Higher Mental Body appears as pure gold on the ascending one; then again, eyes of any color may become a beautiful electric blue or a pale violet.

      These changes are permanent, and the ascended one is able to take his light body with him wherever he wishes or he may travel without the glorified spiritual body. Ascended beings can and occasionally do appear upon earth as ordinary mortals, putting on physical garments resembling the people of earth and moving among them for cosmic purposes. This Saint Germain did after his ascension when he was known as the Wonderman of Europe. Such an activity is a matter of dispensation received from the Karmic Board. Beloved Jesus' appearance before Paul on the road to Damascus is another case in point.

     Merely to be carried by the Spirit, as was Philip, from one city to another, or to be raised temporarily into the atmosphere in levitation is not the same as the ascension and should not be so construed. Elijah the prophet, in his ascension, was taken up into heaven in a "chariot of fire." This chariot, so-called, may be actualized or symbolically qualified as the rumbling of the atomic densities of mankind turn as chariot wheels in the fiery substance of the ascension flame until every atom, cell, and electron is purified of all dross. Thus man is propelled into the ascension flame as these "wheels within wheels"' are stepped up in vibratory rate until they spin with the intensity of light itself and the divine tone sounds forth from within them the note of individual victory.

      Whether it be Zarathustra who ascended back to God in "the great flame," or Elijah who went into heaven in the "chariot of fire"-- the flame of the ascension is the key which unlocks the door to immortality for every man. The flame is the vehicle which conveys the ascended one back to the heart of his Divine Presence. He retains full consciousness of this entire ritual and, once ascended, he becomes on the instant an emissary of the Great White Brotherhood in carrying out its various aims which always come under the direction of the Fatherhood of God.

      Life is a closed corporation. If God is the chairman of this board, then Christ is the president and the board of directors are the ascended masters and the Karmic Board. Heaven can be justly said to be a closed union shop where no one can actually work against the divine aims. Although man has chosen to rebel against the will of God and has walked in darkness and in ignorance, although many have professed to be great souls, avatars, or spiritual beings of great power, the reality of that power is determined by the eternal Spirit of God, and illumination and grace are conveyed to every lifestream through the Spirit of the living Christ.

      The ascension is an inevitable part of the divine system. It consists of these initiations: the transfiguration into the divine configuration, the ritual of crucifixion upon the cross of Matter, the resurrection from dead substance, and, at last, that of the ascension flame itself which raises man out of the domain of his recalcitrant energies and all treacherous activities, mortal imperfection and error. The ascension is the beginning of the kingdom for each one; and when every soul is taken and none left, the world itself will ascend back to the heart of God, a planet victorious.

 To this end must we work and serve. The pyramid of cosmic truth, builded on lively stones, must rise from the great plains of Mamre (Mamray, symbolizing the Motherhood of God which endows the planes of Matter, Mater, as the launching platform of the soul's ascension). The Eternal Mother must shield the Eternal Son. The shell of cosmic purity must trumpet forth the victory of man in accordance with the divine plan.


The course of life may wend its way over a variegated terrain and under a multitude of circumstances, but when the stream becomes crystal clear and purified, it merges with the sea of glass--the cosmic cube of perfection, the white stone that signifies that purpose, ideal, and action have been purified in man.

      The divine geometry, through the symbol of the pyramid, draws the aspiring consciousness of man into the idea of an ascendant life. To ascend is to blend in cosmic unity with the heart of the Eternal. It is the destiny of every man. Those who understand this will rejoice in the consolation of their own ultimate freedom from every earthly travail as cosmic purpose is enthroned in consciousness both now and forever. My hands will be extended in loving welcome to thee at the hour of thy victory.

                       I remain your teacher and friend,

                                      Serapis Bey 
For the sixth initiation, which takes place on the Monadic plane of consciousness, you will travel to the Ascension Seat in Serapis Beys Ascension Retreat in Luxor, Egypt, and work with the third ray qualities. Serapis Bey is the Chohan of this ray and Overlighted by Archangel Chamuel and Charity, and Elohim Heros and Amora, Serapis Bey will bring in the ray of Divine Intelligence through the qualities of mental illumination, capacity for concentration on philosophical studies, clear mindedness, sincerity of purpose, and patience and anchor these qualities in a beautiful yellow color through your throat center, the energy center related to these third ray qualities.  You will then merge with the 143 Soul ray extensions that with yourself make up the 144 Soul ray extensions of your Christed Overself of the Light, your mighty I Am Presence. You will then integrate this Monadic level of your Higher Light, your Christed Overself of the Light.  At this point, you will have achieved physical ascension and the ability to create an etheric electronic body of Light through the Monadic imprinting of your Higher Light. You will have truly become an Ascended Master on the Earth plane.

Master Serapis Bey who has also incarnated as the Egyptian god Ptah, is an enlightened Master who helps oversee the Earth. He has an earthy green aura.



A. All beings are born with certain talents, abilities and skills. Some are obvious from an early age - the child singing star, the young super athlete or the child mathematical genius. Many of these children have had many previous lives, perfecting these skills. For instance a spirit may have had a life as a famous composer such as Chopin or Bach and wishes to continue this love of music in the next life. Some of his talents will emerge at an early age. The three year old genius, who can play the piano within a few short lessons, is an example of this. However, most of you will have skills which are much more subtle and which have to be relearned in this current life.

For instance, perhaps, you were a studious, young girl, with your head always in a book. People’s behaviour and exploits, always fascinated you. You would counsel your playmates and even attempt to psychoanalyze your dolls! Your impulse to counsel and help others, is strong and the human mind fascinates you. This is the sort of gift that if developed gradually and with appropriate schooling, a counsellor, psychiatrist or psychologist, will emerge. This will shape the girl’s Life Plan, into being, as she uses her counselling, empathy and caring skills. They will provide her with a comfortable living and satisfy her inner need, to understand and work with people.

She can further develop this into her World Plan, by perhaps writing about her discoveries about people and how to fix their special problems. Or perhaps she will offer her services to a free clinic, to help poor people with mental problems, overcome their difficulties.

In the same way, a boy born with a love of colour and form, may begin to paint as an amateur and later become a professional artist. His imaginative paintings, may give great joy to many people around the Earth, inspiring and uplifting them emotionally. He could further, hold free painting clinics for young artists. He is therefore living both his Life Plan and World Plan.

Perhaps, your gift has not yet emerged. But, you will definitely have it within you!